Maximize Sales and Profits With Proper Tracking

As a copywriting and marketing consultant I am constantly shocked at the non-existence nature of split testing that many of my clients have for their campaigns and websites. If you are wanting to make the most money from your website and optimize goals (sales, email opt ins, etc)...

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How NOT To Do Email Marketing

If you have been reading along you will know that the guiding fundamentals of an online business I promote are a little bit different. So is it any guess that the way I recommend doing email marketing would be any different.   Sure you can hammer away at your list…  l...

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Best WordPress Theme

This in my opinion is a game changer and something I had to share with you because of how much easier it has made all my website setups. I feel this is also important to copywriting because while it certainly has nothing to do with “words” it has to do with presenting...

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How to Make $100K Selling Your Own Product

This  site serves to teach people about the techniques to be successful information marketers. But I also want it to serve as motivation and a reality check for those that may be thinking of launching their own product but haven’t done so OR those that have launched their ...

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Choosing The Theme (Look) of Your Website

I think making a complicated looking website is a huge mistake. Simple and clean is the way to go. You don’t want flashy graphics and animation to get in the way of your amazing content. You also want the text to be easy to read, you want links to look obviously like links, etc...

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3 Popular Stories to Sell Stuff

“Most people are bored, they have boring jobs, boring lives, they have boring friends…” – John Carlton (Master Copywriter and Marketer). And it is true. As sad as it may sound, your sales letter or piece of marketing if done correctly could possibly be the...

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How and What to Split Test

Getting good copywriting done or web design optimisation is a great start to maximizing your conversions. I covered the best conversion and tracking software in a previous post. But if you want to take your profits to the next level you really need to split test. Don’t think yo...

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